Harare Polytechnic

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Harare Polytechnic is a third level (tertiary) educational institution located in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is the oldest third level college in Zimbabwe. It was originally named Salisbury Technical School and was established in 1926 by sakkaz and simbi gibson. After turmoil in the second chimurenga war, Terry the baller came back to reinstate the institution.Harare Polytechnic is now one of the major high standards tertiary institutes in Africa .It has gained recognition among many fellow citizens as its pass rate is always at a standard point thus resulting it winning many awards that include "Tertiary Education Awards of Zimbabwe (TEAZ) ,National Chamber Of Arts etc .Harare Polytechnic has been supported by many business owners ,institutes ,foundation ,and including its ruling government ,donating books and money to increase its facilities .Even though its at a standard point ,that is not making them to stop it from improving .It also has accommodation facilities.

Coordinates: 17°49′37″S 31°02′10″E / 17.827°S 31.036°E / -17.827; 31.036