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Road 77
جاده 77
Haraz Road
Route information
Length: 200 km (100 mi)
Major junctions
From: Tehran, Tehran Province
AB-Kreuz-grün.svgExpressway in Iran.png Yasini Expressway
Expressway in Iran.png Zeinoddin Expressway
Street in Iran.jpg Damavanad Street
Road in Iran.png Telo Road
  Expressway in Iran.png Babayi Expressway
Road79.png Road 79
To: Mahmood Abad, Mazandaran Province
Zeichen 102.svgRoad22.png Road 22
Provinces: Tehran, Mazandaran
Major cities: Rudehen, Tehran Province
Amol, Mazandaran Province
Highway system

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Road 77, also known as the Haraz Road, is one of the most important roads from Tehran to the northern mountains of Iran, and the Iranian coast on the southern Caspian Sea.


The road's route travels through Tehran Province and Mazandaran Province. It crosses the Alborz mountain range and then descends northwards down the Haraz River Valley.

The road is the shortest route from Tehran to the north ( 180 km) and in recent years some parts of the road has been widened and the safety has been improved. It passes through the towns of Amol and Rudehen.


Haraz Road is the nearest road to Mount Damavand, the highest peak in Iran and Middle East.

Lar National Park, which Mount Damavand is within, is easily accessible from Road 77.

Central Alborz mountain range map[edit]

Map of central Alborz Peaks: 1 `Alam Kūh
  -25 to 500 m
  500 to 1500 m
  1500 to 2500 m
  2500 to 3500 m
  3500 to 4500 m
  4500 to 5671 m
2 Āzād Kūh 3 Damāvand
4 Do Berar 5 Do Khaharan
6 Ghal`eh Gardan 7 Gorg
8 Kholeno 9 Mehr Chal
10 Mīšīneh Marg 11 Naz
12 Shah Alborz 13 Sīālān
14 Tochal 15 Varavašt
Rivers: 0
1 Alamūt 2 Chālūs
3 Do Hezār 4 Harāz
5 Jājrūd 6 Karaj
7 Kojūr 8 Lār
9 Nūr 10 Sardāb
11 Seh Hazār 12 Shāh Rūd
Cities: 1 Āmol
2 Chālūs 3 Karaj
Other: D Dīzīn
E Emāmzādeh Hāšem K Kandovān Tunnel
* Latīān Dam ** Lār Dam

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