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Harbin Metro
Harbin Metro logo.svg
Owner Harbin Municipal People's Government
Locale Harbin
Transit type rapid transit
Number of lines 2
Number of stations 22
Website www.harbin-metro.com
Began operation 26 September 2013
System length 22.92 km (14 mi)
Track gauge 1435 mm
System map

Harbin Metro System Map 2017.png

Harbin Metro
Simplified Chinese 哈尔滨地铁
Traditional Chinese 哈爾濱地鐵

Harbin Metro is the metro system of Harbin, the provincial capital of Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China. The system began operation on 26 September 2013 with the opening of Line 1, which is 17.47 km (11 mi) in length and has 17 stations in service. The system is undergoing expansion and is expected to have a total of three lines and 89.58 km (56 mi) of track in service by 2018.[1]

Hours and fares[edit]

In the winter time, the metro begins operation at 6:00 am and the last train departs at 9:00 pm.[2] Fares range from ¥2 to ¥4 depending on trip distance.[2] Single-ride and rechargeable fare cards may be purchased at ticket windows or automatic fare card machines in each station.[2]

Line in operation[edit]

Line Terminals
Opened Newest
 1  Hadongzhan
2013 17.47 18
 3  Haxizhan
2017 5.45[3] 4
Total 22.92 22

Line 1[edit]

Hagongda Station of Line 1 (Harbin Metro)

The Line 1 is oriented along the east–west axis of the urban area of Harbin: from north-east (Harbin East Railway Station) to south-west (2nd Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University).

Line 3[edit]

The Line 3 is a circular line around the urban area of Harbin: The first phase consist of 5 stations. However, Chengxianglu will not be in operation.


The Harbin Metro was approved by the State Council in 2005. The initial investment was estimated to cost USD 643 million. The project was headed by the Harbin Municipal People's Government Metro Construction, which established a Track Traffic Construction Office led by the city's construction commission. In 2006, an official "Initiation Ceremony of Harbin Metro Trial Project" was held, signifying the actual implementation of Harbin Line 1 project.[4][5] The builders made use of a 10.1 km air defense tunnel built in the 1970s as part of the “7381” civil air-defense, which forms part of Line 1.[6]

Construction on Line 1 began a second time on 29 September 2009[6] and was later halted and began a third time in March 2010.[7] In March 2011 the contract for traincars for first line was signed with Changchun Railway Vehicles co. ltd. Target date for opening of first line of 17.47 km length with 18 stations was set to the end of 2012.[8] The line 1 actually opened on 26 September 2013.[1] On 26 January 2017, Phase I of Line 3 opened for operation.[9]

Future lines[edit]

Harbin Metro Lines(Operational and under construction lines)

After Line 1 (Red), two more lines will open: Line 2 (Violet) from east to northwest with 17 stations and Circle Line 3 (Orange) with 32 stations. By 2020, as many as five lines with total length of 143 km could be completed.

Years Lines Section Status Length Stations Terminus
  Line 1
Phase 3 Under construction 8.54 km 5 Hananzhan-Xinjiangdajie
  Line 2
Phase 1 28.7 km 19 Songbei University Town-Qixiangtai
  Line 3
Phase 2 Southeast 2.9+15.2 km 4+14 Chengxianglu-Sport Park/Yidaeryuan-Taipinqiao
  Line 3
Phase 2 Northwest 13.7 km 11 Taipinqiao-Sport Park
After 2025
  Line 1
Phase 4 Under planning 2.6 km 2 Hadongzhan-Dongbeihuagongchang
  Line 2
Phase 2 9.8+4.3 km 8+3 Songbei University Town-Dalianlu/Qixiangtai-Xinfuzhen
  Line 4
Phase 1 32.2 km 27 Qiansha-Keyanjie
  Line 5
Phase 1 36.1 km 25 Dongsanhuan-Nanjinglu

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