Harbin Nangang Christian Church

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Harbin Nangang Christian Church - Front View (2002)
Harbin Nangang Christian Church - Activities (2002)

Harbin Nangang Christian Church (in Chinese: 哈尔滨南岗基督教会) is a Protestant church in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China. The current building was built in 1916 and is located in Church Street, along East Dazhi Avenue, northeast of Hongbo Square.[1]

Brief history[edit]

  • 1901 - As the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway started, some Germans came to Harbin, for whom a Baptist church was built nearby, which was the first Protestant church in Harbin
  • 1914 - A Lutheran church was built
  • 1916 - The Lutheran church was re-built and known as Ni-ai-la-yi Church (Chinese: 尼埃拉依教堂) [2]
  • 1967 - Closed during the Cultural Revolution
  • 1980 - Re-opened for worship

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  1. ^ Its address is: No. 252, East Dazhi Avenue, Nangang District, Harbin.
  2. ^ Ni-ai-la-yi Church (in Chinese)

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