Harbinger of Justice

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Harbinger of Justice
Publication information
Publisher Hero Games
First appearance Dark Champions
In-story information
Species Homo sapiens
Place of origin Earth

The Harbinger of Justice is a signature character used as a prominent example in the roleplaying game Dark Champions.

The Harbinger, aka "The Blue Moon Killer", is a vigilante who stalks the streets of Hudson City. In his original version, he had the power to summon any real-world firearm at will in addition to extremely formidable combat and detective skills. The Harbinger waged a personal crusade against crime of all sorts, and had a distinct preference for killing criminals as opposed to turning them in to the authorities, who he viewed as corrupt. He is wanted by the police for something on the order of 2000 counts of murder.

When Dark Champions was originally released, the Harbinger was considered excessive by many critics, both in terms of his behavior and in terms of his abilities. The extreme efficiency with which the character was constructed is considered by many a prime example of min-maxing taken too far. He had been a former player-character of Dark Champions author Steve Long, who responded to critics by saying "he earned every point". Nonetheless, he became the character who represented the setting in the public eye, much as Foxbat has come to epitomize the traditional flavor of Champions.

Adventurer's Club, the Hero Games house publication, published a series of cartoons by Chris Avellone satirizing the Harbinger.

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