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Bear beer is one of Harboes Bryggeri's products.

Harboes Bryggeri A/S is a Danish brewery located in Skælskør, Denmark which was established in 1883. Harboes is an international beverage manufacturer with production facilities in three countries and business activities in more than 90 markets worldwide. They manufacture and market beverages and malt-based ingredients. The company has been family-owned and managed for five generations.[1]

The Harboes portfolio of beverages includes beer, bottled water, cider, soda, energy drinks, juices and non-carbonated drinks.

Quick facts[edit]



  • Gross revenue: 1,677.4 DKKm
  • EBITDA 141.0 DKKm
  • Net profit for the year: 51.1 DKKm



  • Registered shareholders: 5,700 (as of 2013)


  1. ^ http://www.harboes-bryggeri.dk

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