Harbor Island, South Carolina

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Harbor Island is a small resort island located 14 miles (22 km) east of Beaufort, South Carolina. It is one of the Carolina Sea Islands. The majority of the island is tidal marsh, though approximately 800 acres (3.2 km2) of upland acreage exist on the northeastern portions of the island.

The island was uninhabited and used primarily as hunting grounds until the 1930s, when U.S. Highway 21 was constructed to connect St. Helena Island with Hunting Island State Park. A swing drawbridge carry crossing the Harbor River connects the island to St. Helena Island towards the west. A small causeway crossing Johnson Creek connects Harbor Island with Hunting Island towards the south.

Development on Harbor Island remained scarce until The Fripp Company (developers of nearby Fripp Island) purchased the majority of land on the island and developed a gated residential and resort community. Small scale commercial development exists along U.S. 21.

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Coordinates: 32°23′25″N 80°27′00″W / 32.39032°N 80.45006°W / 32.39032; -80.45006