Harbor Village Resort

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Harbor Village Resort I, II & III
General information
Status Vision
Type Residential[1]
Location Bayview-Hunters Point
San Francisco
Coordinates 37°43′54.89″N 122°22′26.03″W / 37.7319139°N 122.3738972°W / 37.7319139; -122.3738972Coordinates: 37°43′54.89″N 122°22′26.03″W / 37.7319139°N 122.3738972°W / 37.7319139; -122.3738972
Roof 650 ft (198 m)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 61[1]

The Harbor Village Resort was a proposed complex of three skyscrapers intended for San Francisco's India Basin in the Bayview-Hunters Point district.[1] To be located on Hudson Street, the mixed-use complex would have consisted of a 250-boat marina and three 61 story skyscrapers towering 650 feet (198 m) over the marina.[1][2] The three towers, to be named Harbor Village Resort I, II & III, would be spaced 300 ft (91 m) apart.[1] The entire complex was envisioned to contain 1,600 three or four bedroom residences.[1] If built, the three 650 foot (198 m) skyscrapers would tower significantly taller than any current structure in the neighborhood.[3]

The project was proposed in 2004 by developer John Hickey and met with a combination of "disbelief" and skepticism by neighbors and city planners.[4] Hickey, however, was convicted of fraud in 2005 and sent to prison in 2007 for swindling 700 investors out of $18.5 million.[5] The project was never built.

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