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The former Rosehill School in the center of Mukilteo.

Mukilteo School District No. 6 is a public school district located in Mukilteo, Washington. The Mukilteo School District includes all of the city, but also a portion of south Everett, Lynnwood, and Edmonds. The district had more than 14,600 students in 2013-14 and a budget of approximately $147 million.[1]

Organized in 1878, the district has two high schools, one alternative high school, 4 middle schools, and 11 elementary schools. It also administers an Everett-based technical high school serving surrounding school districts. It is the sixth oldest district in the state.[2]

This school district had a teachers' strike of 33 days in 1990, pushing the last day of school for the 1990-91 school year to July 2.[3] This was resolved using collaborative bargaining. A 3-year contract was signed and school councils were established to continue the process of collaboration.[4]

2018 Teacher Salary Controversy[edit]

In April 2018, in response to the State of Washington allocating $1 billion to school districts in order to comply with the Mccleary ruling, the Mukilteo Education Association sent a formal demand for bargain. The school district refused to bargain with the union, saying that it was a "closed contract." In a statement issued by school board president John Gahagan, he said the board would be willing to "meet and confer." However, in their May 29, 2018, board meeting, MEA president Dana Wiebe said this wasn't enough citing the school district backing out of previous discussions. In response to the school district's refusal to allocate funds, teachers from Mariner High School have been staging informational pickets on the street in front of Mariner during their lunch breaks and continue to do so for the remainder of the school year. They have also asked for the support of community members and students who packed the May 29, 2018 meeting and spoke to the board for nearly an hour. It has been leaked that the teachers of the school district are planning on going on strike and students will miss a month or two of school if they officially go on strike. Sadly for the students, if the strikeout does happen the time will be added to the school year. [5]


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During a planned remodel, a welder's torch caught one of the older buildings on fire. This building was largely destroyed by the fire on May 5, 2009. Classes were relocated and continued. Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center fully re-opened for classes September, 2010.


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