Harbour Round, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Harbour Round is a village in Newfoundland and Labrador located east of Baie Verte.

Coordinates: 49°55′00″N 55°44′00″W / 49.91667°N 55.73333°W / 49.91667; -55.73333

Harbour Round is a village located in the Grand Falls white bay area. The first Postmistress in 1961 was Mrs. George Skinner. There are about 103 houses in Harbour Round but only 82 of them are occupied. The water supply is private artesian wells. Harbour Round has a little post office that employs one person. Harbour Round has one convenience store and used to have a lounge which is now closed.

There is no town council in Harbour Round. The only thing provided by the community is garbage collection. There is no form of fire protection. If there is a fire, a call is made to Brent’s Cove's Fire Department.

All students in Harbour Round attend high school and elementary school in La Scie. The nearest medical facility is located in La Scie which is located 10 km from the community.

There are a couple of tourism attractions, as do many fishing communities. There are fishing and boating activities. Fishermen are the area is always willing to offer their services for boat trips. There is also a small walking trail that leads to a look out.

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