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Liquid Metal
Broadcast area United States
Slogan The heaviest music on or off the planet
Frequency Sirius XM Radio 40
DISH Network 6040
First air date November 12, 2008 (as Liquid Metal)
Format Heavy metal, extreme metal
Class Satellite Radio Station
Owner Sirius XM Radio
Website SiriusXM: Liquid Metal
Logo as Hard Attack.

Liquid Metal is a channel on Sirius XM Radio. The channel was originally launched as Hard Attack, and was only located on Sirius 27, moving to Sirius 40 on May 4, 2011.[1] The channel plays a variety of metal from classic to contemporary. Its catchphrase is "the heaviest music on or off the planet".[2]

The station plays such popular acts as Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Slipknot, Anthrax, Slayer, Killswitch Engage, Deftones, Black Sabbath, System of a Down, Iron Maiden, Hatebreed, Korn, Fear Factory, Dio, Lamb of God, Judas Priest, Soulfly, Meshuggah, Motörhead, Hellyeah, Machine Head, Testament, Sepultura, Prong and many more. On November 12, 2008, Hard Attack merged with XM Liquid Metal as part of the Sirius/XM merger, renaming the channel as Liquid Metal. The channel was also added to XM channel 42 at the time, replacing XM Liquid Metal, and is now on XM 40.[3] This channel can also be heard on Dish Network channel 6027. Until February 9, 2010, it was on Direct TV channel 841.

Sirius XM pre-empted Liquid Metal on March 14, 2009 at 6pm ET for Mandatory Metallica until April 13, 2009 at 3am ET.

Musical content[edit]

Liquid Metal runs various programs including:

  • Bloody Roots - Author of Sound of the Beast, Ian Christe hosts this program as he discusses and plays songs from a specific genre, region, or scene of metal. It airs Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at various times.
  • The Devil's Dozen - The most requested songs of the week are compiled in a countdown. It airs on Friday at 6 pm ET.
  • The Church of Metal - Hosted by "The Reverend Metal Preacherman," this mock-religious metal worship segment airs Sunday mornings 9am to noon ET.
  • Hard Files - This segments provides a weekly interview with a band or band members. It runs on Thursdays at 7 pm ET.
  • Beyond the Pit - The most extreme forms of metal and hardcore, including grindcore and black metal, are showcased during this segment. It airs every night from midnight to 1 AM ET.


José Mangin Weekdays 4 pm – 9 pm ET

José Mangin started his radio assault in Arizona as Metal Director of the U of A’s college radio station in Tucson. As a graduate student in Pharmacy over in Memphis, Mangin landed a killer gig in radio, and ended up choosing a life of rock ‘n roll over medicine. In 2000 José moved to NYC and landed his dream job over at SIRIUS-XM. Throughout the years Mangin helped to revolutionize rock radio, and has lined up some impressive awards and praise for his efforts, including being name checked by Metallica’s James Hetfield in Rolling Stone magazine. Currently, José programs Liquid Metal and Hair Nation, can be heard rockin’ on-air weekdays on Liquid Metal, hosts a nationally syndicated weekly TV show called LatiNation, and is a father of two “horn throwing” metal chicks. Raised since birth on heavy music, Mangin lives his dream 24/7 at SIRIUS-XM, and is stoked to be bringing this music to the masses.[4]

Ian Christe Weekends 9 am – 3 pm ET Bloody Roots: Various times

Ian Christe is the author of Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal. He's covered emerging technology and fringe culture for Reuters, Wired and His hundreds of articles on heavy metal have appeared in Spin, AP, CMJ Monthly, Blender, Metal Maniacs and Guitar World. His own digital metal as Dark Noerd was featured on the Gummo movie soundtrack CD alongside metal artists Sleep, Bathory and Burzum.

Mario Comesanas (deceased)

Mario got his radio start at his college's heavy metal station. A veteran of the New Jersey metal and hardcore scenes with a hand in every subgenre out there, he brought a flavor to his college station that everyone wanted a taste of. Thursday and My Chemical Romance are two of the bands that Mario lent a hand to early on. Mario also has spent ten years adventuring through one of the most notorious musical outfits from the east coast, December Aeternalis. He bleeds passion on the stage, and also on the mic – he DJs six days a week on Hard Attack.

On June 13, 2011, it was announced on Liquid Metal's Facebook Page that Mario Comesanas died that evening.[5]

Zeena Weekdays 9 pm – 2 am ET

Zeena popped out of the womb in true metal fashion, kicking and screaming. Instantly falling in love with music, she immersed her life in singing and becoming a student of music... then she moved to New Jersey and developed an endearing love for all things obscene. This amorous union sparked a need for more metal and liquor in her life, leading her to work with some of metals' finest at Roadrunner and Earache Records, as well as many years of ripping her throat out with her own musical endeavors. These days Zeena spends her time upping the crass ante, fronting a stoner rock band and of course, listening to metal. Always classy and always trashy, Zeena brings her love of all metal, hatred of idiots and passion for bad men to the Hard Attack family.

Troy Sundays 9 am – 3 pm ET

Troy hails from the woods of Pennsylvania, deep in the heart of Amish country. His interest in metal/hardcore began at a young age. "My first show at 13 years old was Sheer Terror and Sick Of It All at City Gardens, in Trenton, NJ. When Sheer Terror went on, it was an absolute brutal bloodbath, and I thought I was going to die. It was cool!" Troy hosted a metal radio show with legendary PA concert promoter Frank Phobia for a few years before landing a gig at SIRIUS-XM. Music is his life. He enjoys writing, recording and performing music. In addition, Troy has toured the U.S. a few times over with different bands, and is currently playing with the experimental/grindcore band I Want To Kill You and the bizarre funk band Hot Asian Women.

Channel merger[edit]

On November 12, 2008, the XM lineup underwent a massive overhaul, and XM Liquid Metal ceased operations. Ward Cleaver, Katie Brutal, and Cool Guy were severed from the channel as part of XM Liquid Metal's signoff. The Hard Attack play list has also been changed, featuring acts that were once heard on the former XM channel Squizz. Mercury has been replaced by Beyond the Pit, which airs in the middle of the night, instead of its former evening drive time slot.

As part of the Sirius XM update, Sirius 27 Hard Attack was renamed Liquid Metal (taking the name of the channel that was on XM channel 42). Original subscribers to Sirius and XM have been disappointed because the title change, and others because of the new "format" that the channel has taken. Sirius XM has received a large number of complaints concerning the entire list of channels. Sirius XM have not yet released any official statements to resolve the matter.

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