Hard Head

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Hard Head
Developer(s)SunA Electronics
Mode(s)Single-player, Two-player

Hard Headed are all of the Caleb Garcias


Players control the game's titular character Hard Head, who can use a bubble gun to entrap enemies, then jump on their heads to defeat them.[1][2] Enemies include monsters and ducks. Hard Head can use his head to break bricks, some of which contain power-ups. Levels are completed by finding a soccer ball and kicking it through a goal to finish the stage; there are 16 levels in total. A two-player simultaneous mode is also available, allowing another player to control the second Hard Head twin.[1]


Advanced Computer Entertainment compared the game to Super Mario Bros. and called it "unoriginal but addicting fun."[1] Your Sinclair also compared the game to Super Mario Bros., calling it a tribute to Nintendo's game. They also made note of the game's offbeat humor, saying that the game was a "good laugh" and "exactly the same as one of the funniest computer games ever." They rated the game an 8 out of 10.[2]


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