Hard Labor Creek Observatory

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Hard Labor Creek Observatory
Organization Georgia State University
Location Rutledge, Georgia
Coordinates 33°40′16″N 83°35′38″W / 33.67111°N 83.59389°W / 33.67111; -83.59389
Altitude 219 m (718 ft)
Website www.astro.gsu.edu/HLCO/
Plane Wave Instruments Telescope 0.61 m CDK24
RC Optical Systems Telescope 0.51 m RCOS20

Hard Labor Creek Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Georgia State University in the United States. It is located within Hard Labor Creek State Park, 50 miles east of the Atlanta, Georgia campus.

Visiting the Observatory[edit]

The observatory is open to the public one evening per month during the spring, summer, and fall months. These events are free and are staffed by astronomers from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Georgia State University. Potential visitors are advised that open houses are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather, and parking is limited so carpooling is highly encouraged. The current open house schedule can be found at GSU Astronomy Open House Schedule.

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