Hard Lesbian: Quick and Deep

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Hard Lesbian: Quick and Deep
Hard Lesbian Quick and Deep.jpg
Theatrical poster for Hard Lesbian: Quick and Deep (2005)
Directed by Osamu Satō[1]
Written by Yūta Takahashi
Starring Kyōko Natsume
Music by Kazumi Ōba
Cinematography Issaku Maei
Edited by Shōji Sakai
Distributed by Shintōhō Eiga
Release date
February 25, 2005
Running time
63 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Hard Lesbian: Quick and Deep (ハードレズビアン クイック&ディープ) aka Coming Out and Shell Joining, Pervert Woman and Office Lady (貝あわせ、痴女とOL, Kai-Awase, Chijo to OL) is a 2005 Japanese pink film directed by Osamu Satō. It won the awards for Best Film, Eighth Place and Best New Actress at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony.


Reiko is an Office Lady who feels alienated by the male-centric corporate society, sexual abuse from males during her daily commute, and her disappointing romantic life with her co-worker and fiancee, Aki. She meets a woman on a commuter train who introduces her to lesbian society, and she engages in a relationship with a woman she meets at a bar.[2]


Jasper Sharp writes that Hard Lesbian: Quick and Deep's portrayal of lesbianism is "surprisingly earnest and sensitively-handled".[2] The mainstream pink film community awarded Hard Lesbian: Quick and Deep as the Eighth Best Film of the year at the Pink Grand Prix. Lead actress Kyōko Natsume was given the Best New Actress award at the ceremony.[3]

The Weissers write that lesbian-themed pink films have usually been made for heterosexual male audiences interested in seeing "two naked female bodies for the price of one", rather than for the gay and lesbian community.[4] According to Jasper Sharp, organizers of the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival regard most of these films-- with some notable exceptions by directors Yutaka Ikejima and Yumi Yoshiyuki-- as exploitation films.[2] Shintōhō Eiga submitted Hard Lesbian: Quick and Deep to the Festival, but, despite its sincere depiction of lesbian relationships, its sex scenes were said to have been obviously intended for a heterosexual audience.[2]


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