Hard Times (1915 film)

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Hard Times
Directed by Thomas Bentley
Written by Charles Dickens (novel)
Thomas Bentley
Starring Bransby Williams
Leon M. Lion
Dorothy Bellew
Transatlantic Films
Distributed by Transatlantic Films
Release date
September 1915
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Hard Times is a 1915 British silent drama film directed by Thomas Bentley and starring Bransby Williams, Leon M. Lion and Dorothy Bellew. It is based on the 1854 novel Hard Times by Charles Dickens.


  • Bransby Williams as Gradgrind
  • Leon M. Lion as Tom Gradgrind
  • Dorothy Bellew as Louisa
  • Madge Tree as Rachael
  • Mr. Forrest as Stephen Blackpool
  • F. Lymons as Josiah Bounderby
  • Will Corrie as Sleary
  • Clara Cooper as Cissie Jupe
  • J. Wynn Slater as James Harthouse


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