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Hard seltzer or spiked seltzer is a carbonated alcoholic beverage. Brands include Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water’s, Bon & Viv,[1] SpikedSeltzer, Truly, WhiteClaw, High Noon Sun Sips, Nauti, DRTY Hard Seltzer, Polar, Smirnoff, Nude and Nütrl. Part of the appeal of the drinks is that they are lower-calorie than some other alcoholic beverages.[2] They are typically fermented with sugar instead of malted barley, yielding a beverage low in sugar and carbohydrates.[3]

Hard seltzer can be made at home by either fermenting a sugar brew or carbonating a watered-down clear spirit like vodka or Everclear.[4]

Fermented honey drink, hard green tea, and flat alcoholic water are potential competitors to the hard seltzer category of drinks.[5]

The beverage has seen a spike in popularity around 2018–2019.


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