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Aliases Chieftain of Brethil, Halad
Race Men
Gender male
Book(s) The War of the Jewels
(The Wanderings of Húrin)

Hardang is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium. He is introduced in The War of the Jewels as a Chieftain of the Men of Brethil in the First Age.

Hardang was descended from Halmir of the House of Haleth. He was the son of Hundad son of Hundar, and thus was also of the male line, like Brandir the Lame. After the death of Handir, Chieftain of Brethil, Hardang tried to have his cousin passed over in his own favour, and many supported him, counting Brandir unable of proper ruling.

After the death of Brandir childless many of the Folk of Brethil would have preferred his other cousin Manthor to become a new Chieftain, for he was of the senior line - but by a daughter, and so by tradition Hardang was elected. Yet out of fear Hardang appointed Manthor to become the Captain of the Guards at the Crossings of Taeglin, for there the fear of the assault by Orcs was the greatest.

Hardang had not ruled for two years when the rumours of the return of Húrin Thalion began. Hardang had no love for the House of Hador, in whose blood he had no part, and was displeased by the former unofficial rule of Túrin Turambar. He now showed no favour or honour to his father, and indeed insulted him, falling under the "shadow" of the Curse of Morgoth born by Húrin. The latter was provoked enough to send a stool flying at Hardang, and so was taken to prison.

But Húrin's case was defended at the Moot of the Folk by Manthor, who used eloquent words to turn Hardang's actions, which included the drugging of Húrin, to his undoing. The Folk of Brethil were roused and in their wrath they burned the Hall of the Chieftains; Hardang tried to escape, but fell with a spear in his back and died.

In early versions of the story Hardang's name was Harathor, and it was he, not Manthor, who was the brother of Túrin's companion Hunthor.

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