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Hardanger Arbeiderblad was a Norwegian newspaper, published in Odda in Hordaland county.

Hardanger Arbeiderblad was started in 1919 as Hardanger Social-Demokrat. Its name was changed in 1923, the same year as a faction of the Labour Party left social democracy to form the Communist Party of Norway.[1] It was published once a week, but from mid-1927 twice a week. It was closed after its last issue on 14 August 1940 due to the German occupation of Norway.[2] It returned in 1946, as a common project for the Labour and Communist parties, but went defunct in 1949.[3][1] In the general election the same year the Communist Party had dropped from 11 to 0 seats in Parliament.

The first editor was Edvard Jørstad. Among the later editors was Harald Slåttelid.


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