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Hardbargain is a village in South Trinidad on the southern edge of the Central Range. The village has:

  1. Hardbargain has a great Hindu Mandir called the Triveni Mandir aka the Sisters Road Hindu Temple. This establishment has been in existence since the 1960s. However, the current majestic structure was officially opened in November 2002. Apart from being a very soulful and inspirational place of worship, the Triveni Mandir affords its membership as well as the community as a whole the forum to participate and learn various aspects of the Hindu culture and tradition, such as Bhajan singing, Indian dance, Indian music, Chowtaal singing, etc. Further information on Triveni Mandir is available on the Mandir's website www.trivenimandir.com.
  2. Hardbargain has the Hardbargain Roman Catholic School.
  3. Sisters Road runs through the village of Hardbargain.
  4. The members of the Hardbargain Village Council are the 2006 first place winners of The Prime Minister's Best Village Trophy Competition - Devotional; and Chutney singing categories.

Coordinates: 10°20′N 61°20′W / 10.333°N 61.333°W / 10.333; -61.333