Together (British band)

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Origin London, England
Genres Electronica, acid house, breakbeat
Years active 1990-1996
Members Suddi Raval
Past members Jon Donaghy

Together were an English electronic/rave group, best known for their hit single "Hardcore Uproar", which made number 12 in the UK Singles Chart in August 1990.[1]


The band was created by Manchester Hacienda regulars Suddi Raval and Jon Donaghy along with Rohan Heath, formerly of A Guy Called Gerald and later the driving force behind the Urban Cookie Collective. Suddi and Jon went on to do remixes for the Durutti Column before Jon's death in a road accident in Ibiza in 1990.[2]

Hardcore Uproar[edit]

The band's hit, Hardcore Uproar, was originally only intended as a white label to play at Manchester's Hacienda Club[3] but grew in popularity such that it climbed to number 12 on the British charts. The song was written by Jon (Jonathon) Donaghy, Mark Hall and Suddi Raval though the underlying chord sequence was heavily based on featured samples from John Carpenter's The End,[4][5] a 1983 Dutch scratching Italo disco 12" (itself a reworked version of Carpenter's theme tune to Assault on Precinct 13).[6][7] Hardcore Uproar also includes sound effects of whooping crowds recorded live at an illegal rave-party in Nelson which was, coincidentally, raided by police the same night as the recording had been made.[8] The song's title was taken from the popular name of these Blackburn raves.[9]

The song's vibe and catchy title meant it was also applied to a popular compilation of what were then mainstream rave, techno and pop tunes by artists as diverse as 808 State, Betty Boo and A Tribe Called Quest[10] helping to popularise the term hardcore for this type of rave music.[11] The song has since appeared on at least four other compilations.[12]

In 2011 Hardcore Uproar was reworked in various versions by Manchester rapper Trigga and Italian vocalist Sushy.[13][14]


  • 1990 Hardcore Uproar
  • 1991 Ffrree At Last E.P.
  • 1991 The Luv Bug
  • 1992 The House Sound Vol. 2 / Coming on Strong
  • 1994 You've got to have it


  • 1990 Hardcore Uproar (Raid at Dawn Remix) by Together (Ffrr)[15]
  • 1990 Contraindications by Durutti Column (Factory Records)[16]
  • 1993 Something out of Nothing by Love to Infinity (Pigeon Pie)[17]
  • 1994 Planet 2 by Alien Sex Fiend (Cherry Red) [17]

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