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Hardenbergh Hall

Hardenbergh Hall is a residence/classroom complex located on the College Ave campus of Rutgers University. It, along with Scott Hall, Campbell Hall and Frelinghuysen Hall make up most of the classroom space on the College Ave campus. Hardenbergh Hall, Frelinghuysen Hall and Campbell Hall are colloquially known as the "river dorms" at Rutgers due to their excellent views of the Raritan river (from floor 3 and up). The average size room is 19X12. [1] The river dorms are also 100% RUwireless enabled due to their aging infrastructures. RUwireless serves as a backup internet connection during wired internet outages.


Built in 1955, Hardenbergh Hall was originally designed as the "medical" dorm for Rutgers students who suffered from physical maladies such as asthma. As a result, it is one of the few dorms on the College Ave campus which is air conditioned as opposed to Frelinghuysen and Campbell Halls which share the same floor plans as Hardenbergh Hall except they are not air conditioned. It is named after Jacob Rutsen Hardenbergh: the first president of Queens College/Rutgers College and can fit up to 330 students.

Floor Plans[edit]

Hardenbergh is unique along with Campbell and Frelinghuysen Halls as being one of the only residence halls at Rutgers which also contains classrooms. Classrooms are located in the basement levels of the building and residences are located on the upper levels overlooking the river and George Street. It is not possible to access the classrooms directly from the residences as entrances to the basement are physically separate from the lobby entrance to the residences. The elevators likewise have been locked from accessing basement levels A and B and only serve the residence hall level G (lobby) and residence levels 1 through 6. Each resident floor has bathroom and shower facilities and each room is equipped with two closets, dresser, desk, and bed. The bottom floor has two lounges as one is a study room and the other is meant for socializing. The study room has numerous chairs and comfortable seating where students can lounge comfortably and complete their work. [2]


The first floor is equipped with a full kitchen (refrigerator/stove/oven) and the first and fourth floors have quiet study lounges which are enclosed with tables/sofas and armchairs. The ground floor has two rooms on each side of the hall; one serves as a quiet study lounge, while the other is a social room that has a TV and hosts various events. All other levels have open lounges equipped with TVs, foosball tables, pool tables, and sofas.


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