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Hardened Gentoo is a project of Gentoo Linux that is enhancing the distribution with security addons, making it a Security-focused operating system. Current security enhancements to Gentoo Linux can be:

  • SELinux
    • A system of mandatory access controls. SELinux can enforce the security policy over all processes and objects in the system, and is an optional feature in all 2.6 kernel source packages.
    • A mandatory access control security system based on Generalized Framework for Access Control (GFAC). It provides several standard and custom (and mixables) access control models. It can enforce operating system access rules.
  • PaX/grsecurity
    • grsecurity is a complete security solution providing such features as a MAC or RBAC system, chroot restrictions, address space modification protection (via PaX), auditing features, randomization features, linking restrictions to prevent file race conditions, ipc protections and much more.
  • Hardened Toolchain
  • sys-kernel/hardened-sources
    • A kernel source package which includes patches for hardened subprojects, and stability/security-oriented patches, including grsecurity.
  • Bastille Linux
    • Bastille Linux is an interactive application which gives the user suggestions on securing their machine. It will be customized to make suggestions about other Hardened Gentoo subprojects.

The Mandatory Access Control (MAC) parts of SELinux, RSBAC and grsecurities RBAC are usually incompatible to each other. However, the chroot and network restrictions of grsecurity and the memory protection of PaX (included in the grsecurity patch for the Linux Kernel) are completely independent features and not incompatible with MAC systems.

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