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Harding Charter Preparatory High School is a public charter school based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that was founded in 2003. It is part of the Oklahoma City Public Schools system, offering a free public college-preparatory education.[1] The school's mission is to “provide each student with an academically challenging, educational experience through an Advanced Placement curriculum, which will prepare graduates for success at a four-year university.” [2]

There are no tuition fees. No entry test, interview or audition is required. The expectation is that every student will go to college or enlist into military service.

"Harding Charter Prep, as it’s commonly known, has nearly 500 students and has generated such high demand that it held its first lottery for admission in March 2012. During the lottery, more than 180 prospective freshmen applied for only 135 openings."[3] It is "a non-selective public school, is open to any student who lives in the Oklahoma City School District and thus reflects the diversity of a metropolitan area of 1.2 million people; students of color represent 58 percent of Harding’s population. Two-thirds of Harding’s students are first generation college students." [4] Statistics from 2013 show that 48 percent of the student body is listed as economically disadvantaged. The school is ethnically diverse, with 42 percent White/Caucasian, 31 percent Black/African American and 17 percent Hispanic. http://nationalblueribbonschools.ed.gov/summarydocs/2013/ok/harding-charter-preparatory-high-school-13ok2.html

The school's creed, listed inside each student handbook, reads: "We believe all students can learn. We believe all students should have open access to all programs. We believe a collaborative culture is essential to high student achievement. We believe reflecting on student work shapes classroom instruction. We believe change is vital to the process of continuous improvement. We believe professional development enhances effective teaching and learning. We believe in a safe and supportive learning environment for our community. We believe honoring diversity enriches individual points of views. We believe individual commitment is fundamental to achieving our mutual mission." http://www.hardingcharterprep.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_134368/File/home/Student%20handbook%2013-14.pdf

Two percent of all Oklahoma students passing an AP exam were from Harding Charter Prep.[5] In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum based on Advanced Placement Courses, foreign language, the fine arts, and more, Harding emphasizes strongly the importance of the community. Service hours are a requirement to help build the school, the surrounding environment, and the student's own character. The parents also are required to put in 25 service hours at the school per year.[6]

HCP was ranked as #118 on Washington Post's list of most-challenging public high schools in the US in 2014 and #1 in the state. http://apps.washingtonpost.com/local/highschoolchallenge/schools/2013/list/oklahoma-schools/


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