Harding River

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Harding River
Origin Chichester Range
Mouth Indian Ocean
Basin countries Australia
Length 150 kilometres (93 mi)
Source elevation 311 metres (1,020 ft)[1]
Mouth elevation sea level

The Harding River is a river in the Pilbara of Western Australia. It was named on 31 July 1861 by the surveyor and explorer Francis Gregory while on expedition in the area, after one of the volunteer members of his expedition, John Harding.[2]

The headwaters of the river rise in the Chichester Range in the Millstream-Chichester National Park near Merrinyaginya Spring and flow is a northerly direction. The river flows through Lake Poongkaliyarra and out through Lockyer Gap. The river continues northward and crosses the North West Coastal Highway near Roebourne then discharges into the Indian Ocean via Butcher Inlet.

The river flows through a number of permanent and semi-permanent pools such as Murringa Pool, Karrawingina Pool and Bamba Pool.

Th river has six tributaries; Harding River East, East Harding River, Murray Camp Creek and Miller Creek.


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Coordinates: 20°41′27″S 117°10′55″E / 20.69083°S 117.18194°E / -20.69083; 117.18194