Harding Street Generating Station

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Harding Street Station
Harding Street Generating Station is located in Indiana
Harding Street Generating Station
Location of Harding Street Generating Station
Country United States
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Coordinates 39°42′34″N 86°11′48″W / 39.70944°N 86.19667°W / 39.70944; -86.19667Coordinates: 39°42′34″N 86°11′48″W / 39.70944°N 86.19667°W / 39.70944; -86.19667
Status Operational
Commission date Unit 3 (oil): Sept, 1941
Unit 4 (oil): June, 1947
Unit 5 (gas) June, 1958
Unit 6 (gas:)May, 1961
Unit 7 (gas) July, 1973
Unit IC1 (oil): 1967
Units GT1–GT3 (oil): May, 1973
Unit GT4 (gas): 1994
Unit GT5 (gas): 1995
Unit GT6 (gas): 2002
Owner(s) Indianapolis Power & Light (IPALCO)
Thermal power station
Primary fuel natural gas, distillate fuel oil
Type Steam, gas turbine
Cooling source White River
Power generation
Units operational 6
Nameplate capacity 1,196 MWe

The Harding Street Station (formerly Elmer W. Stout Generating Station[1]) is a 12-unit, 1,196 MW nameplate capacity, gas-, and oil-fired generating station[2] located at 3700 South Harding Street, Indianapolis. It is owned by Indianapolis Power & Light, a subsidiary of AES.

Environmental impact[edit]

Sulphur dioxide[edit]

With its oldest coal-fired unit dating back to 1958, the plant was ranked 12th on the United States list of dirtiest power plants in terms of sulphur dioxide emissions per megawatt-hour of electrical energy produced from coal in 2006. The new flue gas desulphurization system (FGS), also known as a scrubber, and the new stack are expected to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by 97 percent, and NOxemissions, as well as other pollutants, by some 87 percent.[citation needed]

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