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A hardware compatibility list (HCL) is a list of computer hardware (typically including many types of peripheral devices) that is compatible with a particular operating system or device management software. In today's world, there is a vast amount of computer hardware in circulation, and many operating systems too. A hardware compatibility list is a database of hardware models and their compatibility with a certain operating system.

HCLs can be centrally controlled (one person or team keeps the list of hardware maintained) or user-driven (users submit reviews on hardware they have used).

There are many HCLs. Usually, each operating system will have an official HCL on its website.

Examples of HCLs[edit]

OS Link Approx. size (number of computers)
Microsoft Windows https://sysdev.microsoft.com/en-us/hardware/lpl/
All Linux
http://linux-hardware.org/ 4150
All Linux
Red Hat Linux https://hardware.redhat.com/
Debian https://wiki.debian.org/Hardware 250
Debian (free
software only)
https://www.h-node.org/ 550
Ubuntu http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/ 1100
Solaris http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/hcl/index.html
Oracle Linux http://linux.oracle.com/hardware-certifications ~1700
SUSE Linux https://www.suse.com/yessearch/
openSUSE http://en.opensuse.org/Hardware 950
Mandriva Linux http://hcl.mandriva.com/
ROSA Linux http://hw.rosalinux.ru/?lang=en 3450
Linux Mint http://community.linuxmint.com/hardware 585
ESX http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php

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