Hare (computer virus)

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Aliases Hare.7638
Type Virus
Isolation August 1996
Point of origin New Zealand
Author(s) Unknown
Filesize 7,610 bytes

The Hare Virus was a destructive computer virus which infected DOS and Windows 95 machines in August 1996.[1] It was also known as Hare.7610, Krsna and HD Euthanasia.


The virus was capable of infecting .COM and .EXE executable files, as well as the master boot record of hard disks and the boot sector on floppy disks.[2] The virus was set to read the system date of the computer and activate on August 22 and September 22, at which time it would erase the hard disk in the computer and display the following message:

HDEuthanasia by Demon Emperor: Hare Krsna, hare, hare

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