Harel, Israel

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Entrance - Kibbutz Harel.jpg
Harel is located in Jerusalem, Israel
Coordinates: 31°48′34.19″N 34°57′0.35″E / 31.8094972°N 34.9500972°E / 31.8094972; 34.9500972Coordinates: 31°48′34.19″N 34°57′0.35″E / 31.8094972°N 34.9500972°E / 31.8094972; 34.9500972
District Jerusalem
Council Mateh Yehuda
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded October 1948
Founded by Demobbed Palmach soldiers
Area 12,000 dunams (12 km2 or 5 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1] 247
 • Density 21/km2 (53/sq mi)
Beit-Ha'Kshatot ("House of the Arches") where Meir Tobianski was executed (1948)

Harel (Hebrew: הַרְאֵל‎, lit. Mountain of God) is a kibbutz in central Israel. Located near Latrun with an area of 12,000 dunams, it falls under the jurisdiction of Mateh Yehuda Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 247.[1]


The village was established in 1948 in the Judean Hills on the land of the depopulated Arab village of Bayt Jiz.[2] It was named for the Harel Brigade of the Palmach. The founders were demobilised Palmach soldiers and immigrants from Poland and Hungary.

The building where Yitzhak Rabin commanded the Harel Brigade in 1948 is located on the grounds of the kibbutz. A pre-Roman wine press was discovered in the kibbutz vineyards.[3]

Clos de Gat winery, established in 1998, produces around 90,000 bottles annually. The grapes come from 130 dunams of vineyards on the outskirts of the kibbutz.[4]


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