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Harestua train station

Harestua is a small town in the south of Lunner, Oppland county, Norway. It has approximately 2500 inhabitants (2003), and serves as a commuter town to the capital Oslo. It is served by two railway station on the Gjøvik Line: Harestua Station and Furumo Station. Harestua maintains 6 neighbourhoods; Gamlefeltet, Nyfeltet, Vestbygda, Bjørgeseter, Haneknemoen (under construction), Haganskogen and Stryken. Harestua has a small town centre with services such as a petrol station, grocery store and fast food outlets. Harestua also has a combined elementary- and junior high school. The school has approximately 400 pupils.

Coordinates: 60°12′8″N 10°42′51″E / 60.20222°N 10.71417°E / 60.20222; 10.71417

The solar observatory near Harestua