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Haret Hreik (Arabic: حارة حريك‎) is a mixed Shia and Maronite Christian town, in the Dahieh suburbs, south of Beirut, Lebanon. It is part of Baabda District. Once an agricultural village, Haret Hreik lost its rural identity due to the wave of refugees from Southern Lebanon who settled in the town and made it another urban neighborhood of Dahieh.[1] Haret Hreik is located northeast of the Rafik Hariri International Airport and north of the towns of Laylake and Bourj Al Brajneh, west of Hadath and south of Chiah. The town is the headquarters of the Shi'ite group Hezbollah. Israeli warplanes destroyed the headquarters and civilian homes on July 2006.[2]

Prominent People from Haret Hreik[edit]

2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict[edit]

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The area was largely destroyed during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. It was estimated that close to 200 buildings were destroyed in the town during the first week of Israel's attack on Lebanon in 2006, with a total of more than 700 structures destroyed or damaged by the end of the war.[3] The town has since undergone significant reconstruction, replacing destroyed and damaged buildings. Construction has ended as of 2012.

Culture and Arts[edit]

Haret Hreik houses Umam Documentation & Research, an organization handling extensive archive related to Lebanon's history. Umam also runs The Hangar, a contemporary arts space featuring regular events and exhibitions.

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