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Harh (Punjabi: ਹਾੜ) is the fourth month of the Nanakshahi calendar. This month coincides with Ashadha in the Hindu calendar and the Indian national calendar, and June and July of the Gregorian and Julian calendars and is 31 days in length.

During this month, the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev was martyred by the Mughals.

Important events during this month[edit]


  • June 15 (1 Harh) - The start of the month Harh
  • June 16 (2 Harh) - Shaheedi (Martyrdom) of Guru Arjan Dev Ji


  • July 2 (18 Harh) - Formation of Sri Akal Takht
  • July 5 (21 Harh) - Birth of Guru Har Gobind Ji / 21 Harh
  • July 16 (1 Sawan) - The end of the month Harh and the start of Sawan

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