Harihara Deula

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Harihara Deula or the Twin Temples are dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu. They are situated near the bank of Mahanadi, in Gandharadi village in Boudh district, Odisha.


The architecture of the twin temples are supposed to be of late 10th century, which mark the rising and reforming stage of Kalinga architecture. The builders of this shrine are Somavaṃśī kings. It marks the harmony between the cults of Shiva and Vishnu.It was built at a time when other parts of India were busy in fighting between the two sects following above two forms of one supreme. The main Vimana is of Rekha Deula.The Jagamohana is of flat roofed temple.

Siddhesvara Temple[edit]

The Shiva Temple houses Shivalinga which is named as Siddhesvara. It is also same structure as above.

Nilamadhava Temple[edit]

The Vishnu Temple has a Vigraha made of black chlorite and has four hands having all weapons and ornaments.


They are close to Boudh and transport facilities by bus are available from Bhubaneswar, Subarnapur and Berhampur up to Boudh.

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