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Haris Čizmić
Haris Čizmić 2013.jpg
Haris Čizmić - designer, artist, musician, filmographer
Born Haris Čizmić
Sarajevo, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia
Residence Detroit, Michigan, United States
Nationality Bosnian American
Occupation Senior Art Director
Film Editor
Employer Team Detroit
Spouse(s) Aleksandra Cizmic
Website http://www.hariscizmic.com

Haris Čizmić (born in Sarajevo) is a Bosnian American artist, musician, video producer and graphic, industrial and web designer.[1]


Čizmić obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design from University of Sarajevo.[2] He began his career working as a consultant for companies in Slovenia, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Croatia. As the youngest member of the Bosnian Professional Artist Society, he exhibited his work at several solo and group exhibitions.

After graduation, he worked as an assistant teacher at High School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo.[3]

In 2000 he moved to the United States. Since then, he has worked in areas of marketing and advertising to all forms of media: Web, TV, video, print, illustration, 3D, animation, and traditional media.

As a senior Art Director at Campbell-Ewald, and later at Wunderman-Team Detroit, his work includes brand and online media units for Chevy, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Warrior Sport, Scotts, Bosch, and many others.[4]

Haris is involved in many different and diverse fields and is extremely multi talented in many different aspects.


In 2011 Haris [1] has produced, edited, done numerous special effects, and participated in post production and music score for the movie "One Last Call" (Official Selection for Detroit Windsor International Film Festival -06/25/2011).[5]

The movie premiered in April 2011 at the packed Main Art Theater in Detroit. Currently, the movie is being submitted to festivals all over the world.[6] Along with the film, Čizmić's music video "One Last Call" is also being accepted to film festivals around the world.[7]

Čizmić also scores soundtracks for other films, documentaries and TV shows, including "Escaping Otis" [2] - *Sundance Festival.

In addition, Haris scores music for flash animations and websites (Original design and sound for official Chevy Camaro website in 2007 and soundtrack for Chevy Autobots (Transformers) site). In 2009, Haris scored the theme for 2010 Ford Fusion Advertisement [3] performed by his band INGRAY. See more under "discography".

As a professional artist/designer, Čizmić does flash websites and online media pieces, including home page takeovers (MSN, Yahoo, YouTube, Aol, etc.), flash animated banners, expandable rich media units and video integrated microsites. His current position is Sr. Art Director at Team Detroit Marketing Agency (Online Media Account).[8]

Among other awards, he won a 2010 "D" Show Award in digital media category (warrior.com website),[9] he was on the OMMA awarded winning team in 2009 (for Sync)[4], and as a designer, artist and a musician, Haris was featured in hundreds of magazines, articles, covers and other press releases [10](press section).

He produces, edits and does post & FX of videos for online media (2010 Ford Mustang YouTube takeover, Warrior sports, Bosch...) music videos (Maxine Petrucci,[11][12] INGRAY,[13][14][15] Spyderbaby, AXA, Ermira Babaliu,[16] his own solo project Haris Cizmic,[17][18] TV commercials (1.800.law.firm, Neurontin,...) and independent films and videos.[19]

Haris released his EP "In My Veins" in 2013 [20]

Among other printed and published works, Haris designs magazine layouts & covers ("@313NOW", "Insight"), catalogs, brochures, posters, billboards (mostly in Florida, New York, Chicago and Detroit areas), corporate identity & branding, and more.[21] Haris is contributing Envato Marketplace under Screen name Scarab13 - And with hundreds of professional items on GraphicRiver (where he is ranking among Top 6 with over 3 million members), he's got an prestige Elite Author Status in September 2013.[22] His graphic design work is featured in UK based Creative magazine Advanced Photoshop in August 2013 [23]

As a "traditional artist", Haris does oil on canvas, illustration, airbrush, and recently he does lots of digital artwork and mixed techniques. Haris had illustrated books, newspaper articles, magazine cover pages and several comic books. One of his small galleries is available here [5].


  • "Demo" (1991) – Dethrone
  • "Face In Dust" EP (1994) – MackoFlack
  • "International Music Festival Forte 98 – 2CD set (1998)
  • "Therion Confidential"(1999) [6]
  • "Pandemonium" – Electronica – Instrumental CD(1999) [7]
  • "The Other Side" – EP (2000) [8]
  • "AXA _multimedia" (2001) [9]
  • "Therion Confidential – remastered" (2004)
  • "Good Girl" – EP (2005)[10]
  • Special guest star on "Kill the King" – from "Let Us Prey" – Spyderbaby(2006) [11]
  • "Away" (2009) – INGRAY [12]
  • "One Last Call" – Soundtrack – Original film score [13]
  • "One Last Call Video" – music video supporting the main film theme, featuring Rocquel Wallace, officially selected for Detroit Windsor Film Festival 2011 [14]

and several compilation CDs worldwide

  • "In My Veins" - EP with a music video that aired on cable channels in the US and Europe [15]
  • "First 20 Years - the Worst of 1995-2015" (2015) - 2-CD set released in April'15 featuring material from AXA, Ingray, OLC, some Solo projects and never released tracks [16]


From 1995 to 1999, Haris has published two novels (including an autobiographic novel about the Rock'n'Roll in Sarajevo Under Siege) and a book of short stories. They were mostly read on several radio-channels and published separately in various newspapers (illustrated by author). Since then, his writing has been tightly connected with his music work (lyrics of songs, short stories, screenplays for short films, music videos and advertisements).


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