Harith al-Hamdani

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Harith Al A'war Al-Hamdani (Arabic: الحارث الهمداني‎)(literally: Haris From Hamdan or Haris the Hamadanite) was a prominent contemporary of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and also was one of the firm followers of Ali.


A meeting with Ali[edit]

Perhaps one of the most important accounts involving Harith al-Hamdani is one in which Ali Ibn Abi Talib spoke to him at a time when Harith was old and in poor health. The account is in Nahj al-Balagha as follows:

Adhere to the rope of the Qur'an and seek instructions from it. Regard its lawful as lawful and its unlawful as unlawful. Testify the right that has been in the past. Take lessons for the present condition of this world from the past (condition), because its one phase resembles the other, its end is to meet its beginning, and the whole of it is to change and depart. Regard the name of Allah as too great to mention Him, save in the matter of right. Remember death frequently and (what is to come) after death. Do not long for death except on a reliable condition....[1]


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