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The church was built in the late 17th century
The church was built in the late 17th century
Harkstede is located in Groningen (province)
Location of Harkstede in the province of Groningen
Coordinates: 53°13′55″N 6°42′52″E / 53.23194°N 6.71444°E / 53.23194; 6.71444
Country Netherlands
Province Groningen
Municipality Slochteren
Population (01-01-2013) 3,325

Harkstede (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɦɑrksteːdə]), also known as Haarkstee ([ˈhaː(r)ksteː]) in Gronings, is a small village in the northeastern Netherlands. It is located in Slochteren, Groningen. Harkstede has about 3000 inhabitants, which makes it one of the smaller villages in the area. This number is scheduled to increase as hundreds of new homes will be built in and around Harkstede as part of the "Meerstad Project" of the City of Groningen.


Harkstede was supposedly founded during the 13th century, when the tower next to the local church was built. The name is probably derived from "Arkes Stee", meaning "place for a ark = church". The present church was constructed between 1692 and 1700 on the foundations of the medieval church. Planned by Henric Piccardt (1636-1712), lord of the manors of Klein Martijn at Harkstede and the Fraeylemaborg at Slochteren, it was built by two master craftsmen from the city of Groningen, Henric Coeur and Geert van der Aa.

Until 1821, Harkstede was an independent municipality. That year it was annexed by Slochteren.


Attractions include the recreation park "Gruno Park" and the international rowing course to the north of the village. For waterski enthusiasts, there is the Gruno Lake and Beach including a possibility for water skiing and ski jumping. Once Meerstad has been completed, water recreation will further increase.


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Coordinates: 53°13′N 6°42′E / 53.217°N 6.700°E / 53.217; 6.700