Harlem Avenue

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Harlem Avenue
Illinois 43.svg
7200 West
Location Chicago
North end Lehigh Avenue at Glenview Road in Glenview
South end W County Line Road (328th Street) in Peotone
A street sign

Harlem Avenue is a major north-south street in Chicago, Illinois, United States and the west/southwest/northwest suburbs. It stretches from Glenview Road in Glenview to W County Line Road (328th Street) in Peotone. At 54.1 miles it is the second-longest street in the United States, just after O Street in Nebraska.[citation needed] For most of its length it carries Illinois Route 43. There is a stop along the Metra BNSF Line at Harlem Avenue and Windsor Avenue in Berwyn, Illinois.

North of Glenview Road, Harlem Avenue is known as Lehigh Avenue.

Chicago neighborhoods and suburbs[edit]

From north to south:

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