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Harlem Yu
Harlem Yu.jpg
Harlem Yu at Taiwan Shih Hsin University's 50th anniversary celebration concert, 14 October 2006
Chinese name 庾澄慶 (traditional)
Chinese name 庾澄庆 (simplified)
Pinyin Yú Chéngqìng (Mandarin)
Born (1961-07-28) July 28, 1961 (age 54)
Taipei, Taiwan
Occupation Singer, songwriter, Rapper, host
Genre(s) Mandopop, Hip hop
Label(s) Linfair Records (1986–1995, 2008–present)
Sony Music Taiwan (1995–2007)
Years active 1986–present
Spouse(s) Annie Yi (2000–2009)
Official website Harlem's blog
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Yu.

Harlem Yu (traditional Chinese: 庾澄慶; simplified Chinese: 庾澄庆; pinyin: Yú Chéngqìng; born 28 July 1961) is a Taiwanese Golden Melody Award-winning singer-songwriter. He was the first artist to experiment with the style of R&B and rap in Chinese music. He has released 15 studio albums. His contribution to the Asian music industry has earned him the reputation of 'God of Pop Music'.

Apart from music Yu also hosts television variety shows. His other investments include: mega force studio, AoBa Taiwanese cuisine restaurant, Legacy Taipei (Livehouse), etc.



# English Title Chinese Title Released Date Label
1st 傷心歌手 12 December 1986 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
2nd 我知道我已經長大 6 October 1987 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
3rd 錯過的愛 2 August 1988 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
4th Give You All My Love 讓我一次愛個夠 20 July 1989 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
5th Righting All The Wrong 改變所有的錯 13 April 1990 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
6th I Can't Control Myself 管不住自己 6 July 1991 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
7th True Love Song 老實情歌 9 September 1993 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
8th Kao jin (Get Close)[1] 靠近 9 June 1995 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
9th Open Your Window 請開窗 23 September 1996 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
10th Just For You 只有為你 25 November 1997 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
11th Most Familiar 我最熟悉 4 May 1999 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
12th Tidal Wave 海嘯 18 May 2001 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
13th Harlem's Heaven 哈林天堂 6 June 2003 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
14th Can't Quit 戒不掉 14 July 2006 Sony BMG Music Taiwan (索尼博德曼音樂)
15th The Moonlight That Can't Be Turned Off 關不掉的月光 3 May 2013 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)

Extended Play[edit]

Chinese Title Released Date Label
報告班長 1 June 1987 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
別走 19 August 1998 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)

Band albums[edit]

English Title Chinese Title Released Date Label
Top Gang 頂尖拍檔 30 April 1992 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)


English Title Chinese Title Released Date Label
想念妳精選 August 1990 PolyGram Records (寶麗金)
Funky Don't Go 咪走 June 1998 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
Harlem No.1 Collection 哈林NO.1精選輯 19 July 1998 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
Lost & Found 失物招領 愛你在庾式情歌蔓延時 13 November 2002 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
Harlem Yu New + Best Selection (3CD) 到死都要18歲 新歌+精選 (3CD) 18 December 2009 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)

Cover albums[edit]

English Title Chinese Title Released Date Label
Harlem Music Station 哈林音樂電台 2 October 1992 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
Harlem Night Club 哈林夜總會 18 December 1995 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)
Harlem Music Television 哈林音樂頻道 14 May 1997 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
Hi Baby 哈寶寶我來了 1 April 1998 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
Hollywood 哈林音樂電影院 哈LLYWOOD 5 January 2000 Sony Music Taiwan (索尼音樂)
Harlem Night Club - Lady's Night 哈林夜總會 - Lady's Night 12 December 2008 Linfair Records (福茂唱片)

Soundtrack contributions[edit]


Television series[edit]

Year Chinese Title English Title Role / Remarks Network
1997 TVBS-G 音樂愛情故事 TVBS-G Music Love Story radio DJ TVBS
1998 TVBS-G 音樂愛情故事 TVBS-G Music Love Story musician TVBS
2001 流星花園 Meteor Garden cameo Chinese Television System (CTS)
2004 愛在星光燦爛時 Starry Night Harlem Yu Chinese Television System (CTS)
2007 轉角*遇到愛 Corner With Love Lian Sheng Quan (連勝全) China Television (CTV)


Year Chinese Title English Title Role / Remarks
1989 細雨春風 Finding the Way
1996 玩具總動員 Toy Story Woody (Chinese - Speaking voice)
2000 玩具總動員2 Toy Story 2 Woody (Chinese - Speaking voice)
2000 龍火 Dragon Heat
2008 武俠梁祝 Butterfly Lovers Uncle Caotou (草頭師叔)
2010 玩具總動員3 Toy Story 3 Woody (Chinese - Speaking voice)
2011 隱婚男女 Mr. and Mrs. Single Tony
2011 星空 Starry Starry Night Mei's father

TV hosting[edit]

Dates Chinese Title English Network
18 September 1994 - 11 February 1996 超級星期天 Super Sunday Taiwan Television (TTV)
3 March 1996 - 30 March 2003 超級星期天 Super Sunday Chinese Television System (CTS)
20 October 2001 - 22 December 2001 周末三寶FUN Taiwan Television (TTV)
24 October 2001 - 29 May 2002 音樂大不同 Much TV
4 October 2004 - 7 June 2005 明星克漏字 STAR Chinese Channel
9 April 2006 - 2 July 2006 週日狂熱夜 Public Television Service (PTS)
17 April 2006 - 31 July 2007 哈林國民學校 Harlem's School Taiwan Television (TTV)
28 August – 24 September 2007 味分高下 Foodie 2 Shoes Television Broadcasts (TVB)
10 May 2008 – 11 August 2012 百萬大歌星 Million Singer Taiwan Television (TTV)
2 February 2009 - 13 March 2009 耳分高下 Boom Boom Ba Television Broadcasts (TVB)
22 June 2009 - 1 October 2009 哈林老師好 Hello Harlem ON TV (緯來綜合台)
24 July 2010 - 28 January 2011 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 Guess Guess Guess China Television (CTV)
9 January 2011 給力星期天 Gelivable Sunday Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS)
23 July 2011 – 21 January 2012 給你哈音樂 Harlem Music CTi Entertainment(CTi)
13 July 2012– 30 September 2012 中國好聲音 (第一季) The Voice of China (season 1) ZheJiang Satellite TV (ZJS)
18 August 2012– present 王子的約會 Take Me Out Taiwan Television (TTV)
produced by RTL Group
30 March 2013 – 13 July 2013 超級歌喉讚 I Wanna Singin' For You China Television (CTV)
12 July 2013– 29 September 2013 中國好聲音 (第二季) The Voice of China (season 2) ZheJiang Satellite TV (ZJS)


Title Press Released Date ISBN
哈林SUPER手冊1 請開窗 皇冠叢書 10 October 1996 ISBN 957-33-1347-2
哈林SUPER手冊2 哈林音樂頻道 皇冠叢書 10 June 1997 ISBN 957-33-1429-0


Year Award Category Nomination Result Ref
1990 1990 RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards Best New Prospect Award (最有前途新人獎) Harlem Yu Won
1996 Billboard Music Awards Most Outstanding Singer-Songwriter in Asia (年度亞洲傑出創作歌手獎) Harlem Yu Won
1997 Golden Bell Awards,Taiwan Best Variety Programme Super Sunday Won
1999 Hong Kong TVB8 Awards Best Producer Harlem Yu for "我最搖擺" Won
Best Music Video Harlem Yu for "我最搖擺" Won
2000 Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan Best Variety Programme Super Sunday Won
Best Host in a Variety Programme Won
2001 Best Host in a Variety Programme Won
2002 Best Music Variety Programme 音樂大不同 Won
13th Golden Melody Awards Best Mandarin Male Singer Harlem Yu Won [2]
Best Producer Harlem Yu for "戒不掉" Won
Most Popular Male Artist (China) Harlem Yu Won
2007 HITO Radio Music Awards Exceed Achievement Award (卓越成就獎) Harlem Yu Won [3]


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