Harlow Town Park

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Harlow Town Park
Water Gardens in Harlow Town Park - geograph.org.uk - 299504.jpg
Water Gardens in Harlow Town Park
Location Harlow, Essex, England
Area 164 acres
Operated by Harlow District Council

Harlow Town Park is a 164 acre park located in Harlow, Essex, England.[1] The park includes the Harlow skatepark, an independent pub, band stand, café, city farm, adventure playground and show ground.


Children playing in the original paddling pools in 1964.

The park was original envisaged as a large "village green" and an area of open space within walking distance of local homes and transport.[2][3]

Each year, Harlow Council funds a free-admission fireworks night, attended by up to 15,000 people.[4]

Harlow Skatepark[edit]

Located within the Town Park is the Harlow Skatepark. Completed in 2012, the skate park was an initiative of the local Harlow Council, prompted by an ongoing campaign by local enthusiasts for the replacement of older skateboarding and BMX equipment.

In the 1960s and 70s, the Town Park had been home to a popular roller rink which eventually fell into disrepair. Petitions for the construction of a new skate park had been presented in the 1980s by local skateboarders and skateboard retailers. During the 1990s, a temporary skate park had been established with wooden ramps. In 2006, permission was granted for the construction of a permanent facility.

The project was funded by Harlow Council (£300,000) and Sport England (£57,500).


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