Harman River

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Harman River
Suspension bridge over Harman River.jpg
Suspension bridge over the Harman River
Country New Zealand
Physical characteristics
Main source Southern Alps
River mouth Arahura River

The Harman River is a river of New Zealand. It starts in the Browning Range of the Southern Alps and becomes the Arahura River, which flows into the Tasman Sea north of Hokitika.[1]

The river can be reached on foot using the Styx valley track.[2]

The river is named for R.J.S. Harman, a Canterbury surveyor, who discovered the nearby Harman Pass in 1865.[3]

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Coordinates: 42°54′56″S 171°19′27″E / 42.91556°S 171.32417°E / -42.91556; 171.32417