Harmontown, Mississippi

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Location of Harmontown, Mississippi

Harmontown is an unincorporated community in Lafayette County, Mississippi. In the hill country of North Mississippi, Harmontown is located in the northwest corner of Lafayette County, just off MS 310 and just to the north of Sardis Lake. Towns surrounding Harmontown include Oxford, Batesville, Como, Senatobia, Independence, as well as Holly Springs. Harmontown has no post office, but in earlier years it did.

R.L. Burnside, the blues guitarist and singer, hailed from Harmontown.

Community service[edit]

The Harmontown Volunteer Fire Department and Lafayette County Sheriff's Office are responsible for fire and police service.

Sardis Lake[edit]

Sardis Lake is a popular attraction. The restaurant on the lake is Holiday Lodge.

Coordinates: 34°32′25″N 89°38′54″W / 34.54028°N 89.64833°W / 34.54028; -89.64833