Harmony, Maryland

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Location of Harmony, Maryland

Harmony is a small unincorporated community in Caroline County, Maryland, United States.[1] It is little more than an intersection of state Routes 16 and 578 on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Its original name was Fowling Creek named after a stream nearby that is a tributary of the Choptank River.

There is a small country store with one gas pump, a church, a local produce stand, and lots of farmland. While many of the farmers in the area are of German descent as can be seen in last names such as Mueller, Kraus, Steenken, and Worm; they settled later after the civil war filling the void of the men lost in the war. The older families of Towers, Todd, and Wyddel were the original settlers that came from England in the early eighteenth century as can be confirmed from the original patents granted to them one of which is Wyddels Venture, the oldest century farm in the county.

The soil is sandy and requires irrigation, unlike many farms in nearby Talbot County. There are many cash crops grown such as sweet corn, cantaloupes, tomatoes, squash, etc... There are quite a few migrant camps for Hispanic workers who help with the crops in the summer. Most farms also have chicken houses as a second means of income.


Coordinates: 38°46′45″N 75°52′49″W / 38.779079°N 75.880251°W / 38.779079; -75.880251