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The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival is an annual showcase and competition for a cappella groups of all vocal styles. The competition is organized into eight regional events across the United States, with each winning group advancing to the National Finals in San Rafael, California.

Festival history[edit]

The festival began in 1984 at a neighborhood pub in Marin County as a small and informal contest between friends. It is now a national competition, with eight regional events held in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Olympia (Pacific Northwest), San Francisco (Bay Area), and Washington, DC (Mid-Atlantic). The National Finals take place each May at the Marin Veteran's Auditorium in San Rafael.

The Harmony Sweepstakes has also established an annual A Cappella Summit, a two-day jamboree and convention for enthusiasts of contemporary a cappella. The Summit consists of workshops, performances, demonstrations, and seminars, along with vendors offering goods and services for the a cappella community.

National Champions & Audience Favorites[1][edit]

Year Grand Champion Audience Favorite
2014 Women of the World Women of the World
2013 Honey Whiskey Trio
2012 Six Appeal
2011 Da Capo Da Capo
2010 Plumbers of Rome b vocal
2009 MAXX Factor The Love Notes
2008 Vocaldente Vocaldente
2007 Moira Smiley & VOCO Face
2006 Hi-Fidelity Hi-Fidelity
2005 Groove For Thought Face
2004 The Idea of North The Idea of North

National finalists[edit]



  • Catatonic, mid-Atlantic region
  • SeaNote - Pacific Northwest
  • 3AM - Chicago region
  • Women of the World - Boston region
  • Prime Time - Bay Area region
  • #FourtyFourB - Los Angeles region
  • Quintessential Five - New York City region

Hosted by 2013 National Champions, Honey Whiskey Trio



  • Brass Farthing, Bay Area region
  • The Brotherhood Singers, Chicago region
  • Throat, Denver region
  • Da Capo, Mid-Atlantic region
  • Traces, New York City
  • The Baudboys, Pacific Northwest

Hosted by 2010 National Champions, Plumbers of Rome.



  • Boyz Night Out, San Francisco
  • Plumbers of Rome, Boston
  • Home Free, Chicago
  • Confidential, Denver
  • Soundstage, Los Angeles
  • West Side Five, New York
  • bVocal, New York.



  • Love Notes
  • Rezonate
  • 3 Men and a Melody
  • Mouth Beats
  • Evolution
  • MAXX Factor
  • Cartoon Johnny
  • Road Show



  • Where's Gesualdo
  • Syncopation
  • 5one
  • Legacy
  • Red No.5
  • Vocaldente
  • The Baudboys[4]
  • Sound Stage


Hosted by 2006 National Champions, Hi-Fidelity.



Hosted by Groove for Thought, 2005 National Champions


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