Harold Allnut

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Harold Allnut
Harold Allnut.jpg
Harold Allnut on the cover of Batman 458
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceThe Question #33 (Dec 1989)
Created byDennis O'Neil
Alan Grant
In-story information
Full nameHarold Allnut
Team affiliationsBatman Family
Supporting character ofBatman
AbilitiesGifted technologist

Harold Allnut is a fictional comic book character appearing in stories published by DC Comics, in particular those featuring Batman. He is a mute and kyphotic man who serves as a trusted mechanic and aide to Batman, helping to design, build, and repair that superhero's equipment. Created by writers Dennis O'Neil and Alan Grant, the character first appeared in The Question #33 (December 1989).

Character appearance and disabilities[edit]

Harold has two major disabilities: he is mute and suffers from Kyphosis (the same condition afflicted on Quasimodo). However, he proved to be very gifted in terms of technology and electronics.

Publication history[edit]

Harold Allnut first appeared in The Question #33 and was created by Dennis O'Neil and Alan Grant.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Harold is a mute hunchbacked man who is expelled from his house in Gotham City and subsequently travels to Hub City. Initially his full name is not revealed and he goes only by 'Harold'.[1] His first appearance in a Batman comic occurs the first part of the story arc "Penguin Affair". Harold is initially cast as a henchman for the Penguin, who had conned Harold to work for him and build deadly machines with which he could threaten Gotham City. Months after putting an end to Penguin's scheme, Batman finds Harold in an abandoned building and saves him from a mob of angry parents who have mistaken him for a child molester due to his appearance.[2]

After rescuing Harold, Batman gives him a home and a position in the Batcave, working as a technological aide in his war on crime. A diary entry in 'The Batman Files' explains Alfred's first encounter with Harold. The newcomer is delighted to have advanced technology to work with while Alfred has doubts. Batman explains Harold's poor living conditions and Alfred is pleased at Harold's rescue.[3] Harold's assistance continues even after Bruce Wayne is disabled while fighting the villain Bane in the Knightfall storyline. Harold builds a unique wheelchair for Wayne, which includes multiple surprises such as emergency shelter.[4] During the story arc Knightsaga, the new Batman, Jean-Paul Valley, ejects Harold, along with Ace the Bat-Hound and Robin, from the main Batcave. Harold and Ace manage to sneak into a hidden subsection of the cave where Harold continues to work, eventually aiding Nightwing, Robin, and Bruce Wayne to retake the cave from Valley. Harold resumes his position as Batman's technological aide and also designs a new costume for Nightwing.[5] He worked with Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley) by request of Batman for a time before the death of the former. During this time he lived in Azrael's new home, a converted castle.[6]

In the storyline Hush, Harold had been tricked by the title character into undergoing surgery to repair his voice and his stature. In exchange, Harold was made to place a hidden circuitry relay onto the Batcave's main computer which gave off subliminal signals which affected Batman's mind. Harold attempts to reveal Hush's identity to Batman, but Hush prevents this by shooting him fatally. In his final words, Harold states "I knew that even if I had been tricked...you [Batman] are my hero. You would always win." Batman responds that he can forgive Harold's betrayal. He understands how powerful the desire to be happy can be.[7] Harold is then buried in a grave on a hill overlooking Wayne Manor. Harold's last name Allnut is revealed by Batman who 'did some digging' and his full name is engraved onto his tombstone.[8]

In the "DC Rebirth," a version of Harold Allnut appears. Following Batman and Harvey Dent's close encounter with KGBeast, Duke Thomas takes them to a farm where Harold performs surgery on Two-Face. Batman explains to Duke that Harold creates equipment for him and ships it to Gotham. Harold's caption describes him as "Genius Inventor, Mute, Family."[9]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Harold Allnut is a gifted technologist where he has developed technology for Batman to use. Although he is mute, Harold is an expert at sign language.

Alternate versions[edit]

In a film-noir style Elseworlds adventure, Berlin Batman - Batman Chronicles #11 (Winter 1998) - Harold Allnut is a gregarious, out-spoken newspaper man on friendly terms with the private detective and ex-police officer Bruce Wayne.[10]


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