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The Harold Brown Award is the highest award given by the United States Air Force to a scientist or engineer who applies scientific research to solve a problem critical to the needs of the Air Force.

History and purpose of the Harold Brown Award[edit]

The Harold Brown Award is intended to recognize significant achievements in research and development. It is named for Harold Brown, a physicist who served as United States Secretary of the Air Force from 1965-1969, and later as United States Secretary of Defense (1977-1981).

The Harold Brown award is presented annually to a person whose achievements in research and development have led to, or demonstrated promise of, a substantial improvement in the operational effectiveness of the Air Force. It is awarded through the United States Air Force chief scientist's office.

List of recipients of the Harold Brown Award[edit]

Recipients of the Harold Brown Award include:

Year Name Notes
1969 Ronald W. Terry [1]
1975 John R. Boyd [2]
1976 Herbert J. Hickey, Jr [3]
1977 Joseph C. Foster, Jr. University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign

Awarded for research in advanced conventional warheads while at the Air Force Armament Laboratory, Eglin AFB FL

1979 Terence James Elkins
1982 Raymond P. Urtz [4]
1986 John F. Paulson Air Force Research Laboratory, Hanscom Field, Lexington Massachusetts

Awarded for major advances in ion-molecule chemical kinetics

1987 Davy Belk [5] member of the Senior Executive Service and Director, Information Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, New York.
1990 Carl E. Baum [6]
1991 Northrup Fowler III 1994

William F. Storm

1995 John M. Reising [7]
1998 Jeffrey L. Craig
1999 Robert Q. Fugate
2000 Frank Marcos
2001 Dean F. Kocian
2002 Nelson Forster
2003 Peter M. Wegner
2004 H. John Mucks [8]
2005 John A. Caldwell [9]
2007 Jim F. Riker
2008 Mark Haney [10]
2009 Derek Kingston [11]
2010 Dr. Candace Lynch [12]
2011 Dr. Michael Hooser [13]
2012 Dr. Mark H. Draper [14]
2013 Dr. Peter J. Collins [15] Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering and Management, Air Force Institute of Technology
2014 Dr. Donald R. Erbschloe [16] Senior Level Executive (SL) and Chief Scientist of the Air Mobility Command