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Harold Charles Bold (1909–1987) was an American botanist.

Early life[edit]

Bold was born on June 16, 1909, in New York City[1] to


In 1929, Bold graduated from Columbia University with his BA degree in biology, Phi Beta Kappa.[1]



  • Morphology of Plants (1957)
  • The Plant Kingdom (1960)
  • Exploratory studies of texas soil algae (with Temd R. Deadson) (1960)
  • Some algae from arid soils (with Srisumon Chantanachat) (1962)
  • The taxonomy of certain Ulotrichacean algae (with KR Mattox) (1962)
  • Some soil algae from enchanted rock and related algae species (with Harry W. Bischoff) (1963)
  • Comparative studies of the algal genera Tetracystis and Chlorococcum (with Malcolm R. Brown & Richard N. Lester) (1964)
  • Investigations of the algal genera Eremosphaera and Oocystis (with Richard L. Smith) (1966)
  • Taxonomic investigations of Stigeoclonium (with Elenor R. Cox) (1966)
  • Algae and Fungi (1967)
  • The taxonomy and comparative physiology of the Chlorosarcinales and certain other edaphic algae (with Robert D. Groover) (1969)
  • Morphological and taxonomic investigations of Nostoc and Anabaena in culture (with Thomas Kantz) (1969)
  • Taxonomic studies in the Oscillatoriaceae (with Ailsie F. Baker) (1970)
  • The genus Chlorococcum Meneghini (with Patricia A. Archibald) (1970)
  • Characium and some characium-like algae (with Kwok W. Lee) (1974)
  • Introduction to the Algae: Structure and Reproduction (1978)


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