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For the Irish architect, see Harold Edgar Coyle.
Harold Coyle
Pen name H.W. Coyle
Occupation Author
Genre Military fiction, historical fiction, science fiction

Harold Coyle (born 1952[citation needed]) is a veteran of the Gulf War and author of historical, speculative fiction and war novels including Team Yankee, a New York Times best-seller.[1] He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 1974 and spent seventeen years on active duty with the U.S. Army.[2] Other pen names include H.W. Coyle. He has co-authored books with Barrett Tillman and Jennifer Ellis.



Stand-Alone Novels[edit]

Civil War Novels[edit]
French & Indian War Novel[edit]

Dixon Family Novels[edit]

Scott Dixon Novels[edit]
Nathan Dixon Novels[edit]

With Barrett Tillman[edit]

With Jennifer Ellis[edit]

  • Cyber Knights 1.0. Forge. 2015. 
  • Cyber Knights 1.1. Forge. 2015. 


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