Harold Dennis Taylor

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Harold Dennis Taylor
Dennis Taylor.JPG
Born 1862
Huddersfield, England
Died 26 February 1943
Coxwold, North Yorkshire
Nationality British
Known for Invention of Cooke Triplet
Awards Duddell Medal and Prize, 1933
Scientific career
Fields Optics
Institutions Cooke and Sons of York

Harold Dennis Taylor (1862 in Huddersfield – 26 February 1943) was a British optical designer and inventor, chiefly famous for the invention of the Cooke Triplet, although he was granted about 50 other patents.[1]

He was born in 1862 in Huddersfield, attended St Peter's School, York, and began the study of architecture. Circa 1880, he abandoned this to work at Thomas Cooke and Sons of York, a company which produced the finest quality optical instruments, telescopes in particular.

As optical manager and chief designer for Thomas Cooke, he won fame for the design and patent in 1893[2] of the Cooke Triplet and was awarded the Duddell Medal and Prize in 1933.[3]

He died in retirement in Coxwold, North Yorkshire. He had married Charlotte Fernandes Barff of Portugal and had one daughter and two sons. Their son Edward was also a published optical designer.


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