Harold Hamgravy

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Harold Hamgravy
Popeye character
Ham and Castor.gif
Ham Gravy (right) and Castor Oyl
First appearanceDecember 19, 1919
Created byE. C. Segar
Portrayed byBill Irwin
In-universe information

Harold Hamgravy, better known as Ham Gravy, is an American comics character from the Thimble Theatre (later Popeye) series, created in 1919 by Elzie Segar.[1][2]

Hamgravy was the original fiancé of the better-known character Olive Oyl, but was often attracted to other women who were considerably wealthy. Hamgravy was depicted as a slacker who preferred getting rich quick rather than earning money honestly.

In a later strip, Hamgravy hired a sailor named Popeye to man his ship for a treasure hunt.[3] Intended as a minor supporting character, Popeye proved so popular with readers that he was made a permanent member of the main cast.[4] As time passed, Hamgravy was replaced by Popeye as the prize for Olive's affections. Hamgravy made occasional appearances in the later Popeye strips, but never had the fame he once held.

Hamgravy makes a supporting appearance in the 1980 film, Popeye, where Olive has recently left Hamgravy and has since begun dating Bluto at the film's opening. He was played by Bill Irwin.


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