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Advertisement for Harold Lloyd Comedies (1919)

These are the known films of Harold Lloyd (1893–1971), an American actor and filmmaker, most famous for his hugely successful and influential silent film comedies.

Most of these films are known to survive in various film archives around the world. Some are also available on DVD or Blu-ray. The negatives of many of Lloyd's early short films were lost in a fire at his estate in 1943. He carefully preserved his feature films, and they remain in excellent condition. All of the films are listed in order of release date.

Early films[edit]




Lonesome Luke[edit]




Glasses character ("The Boy")[edit]





Later shorts[edit]

Feature-length films[edit]

Lloyd starred in a total of 18 feature-length motion pictures, consisting of 11 silent and 7 sound films. Lloyd also re-edited his material into 2 compilation features.

Silent features[edit]

No. Title Release date Length Director(s) Character name Character type Leading lady Story
1 A Sailor-Made Man December 25, 1921 3846 ft. Fred Newmeyer The Boy Rich Idler Mildred Davis Must prove worthy of girl, joins navy, rescues her from a maharajah in Middle Eastern city. Frenetic, like early short Films.
2 Grandma's Boy September 3, 1922 4841 ft. Fred Newmeyer The Boy (Sonny / Harold) Meek Country Boy
Mildred Davis Cowardly country boy gains courage from magic charm; Civil War flashback; delicate characterization. Lloyd's favorite film.
3 Dr. Jack November 23, 1922 4700 ft. Fred Newmeyer Dr. Jackson (Jack) Successful Country Doctor Mildred Davis Small-town country doctor uses common sense to cure patients.
4 Safety Last! April 1, 1923 6300 ft. Fred Newmeyer
Sam Taylor
Harold Lloyd Industrious Go-Getter Mildred Davis Country boy goes to city to be a success, ends up climbing building as stunt. Most spectacular daredevil thrill comedy. Last film with Davis, whom he married.
5 Why Worry? September 16, 1923 5500 ft. Fred Newmeyer
Sam Taylor
Harold Van Pelham Wealthy Hypocondriac Jobyna Ralston Hypochondriac goes to South America for rest, lands in revolution. Funniest for sheer number of gags. Last Lloyd film produced by Hal Roach.
6 Girl Shy March 28, 1924 7457 ft. Fred Newmeyer
Sam Taylor
The Poor Boy (Harold Meadows) Shy Dreamer Jobyna Ralston Shy stutterer writes book on lovemaking; must rescue girl from marrying wrong man. Terrific race sequence at end.
7 Hot Water October 26, 1924 4899 ft. Sam Taylor
Fred Newmeyer
Hubby Hen-Pecked Husband Jobyna Ralston Family situation comedy; episodic; live turkey on trolley, madcap car ride, haunted-house finale.
8 The Freshman September 30, 1925 6883 ft. Sam Taylor
Fred Newmeyer
Harold Lamb College Go-Getter Jobyna Ralston Popularity-conscious student tries to be "Big Man on Campus"; finally wins big football game and girl. Best topical satire.
9 For Heaven's Sake April 5, 1926 5356 ft. Sam Taylor The Updown Boy (J. Harold Mannors) Debonaire Millionaire Jobyna Ralston Rich man aids slum mission; must get drunks to wedding on time.
10 The Kid Brother January 17, 1927 7654 ft. Lewis Milestone
Ted Wilde
Harold Hickory Bashful Farm Boy Jobyna Ralston Son of sheriff must prove his manhood; captures crook, returns stolen money, wins girl. Best integration of all Lloyd's key elements.
11 Speedy April 7, 1928 7776 ft. Ted Wilde Harold "Speedy" Swift Carefree City Boy Ann Christy Baseball-crazed city boy can't keep job, upsets mobsters' plans to ruin old man's business. New York location; Babe Ruth appearance; great chase.

Sound features[edit]

No. Title Release date Length Director(s) Character name Character type Leading lady Story
1 Welcome Danger October 12, 1929 10297 ft.
115 min.
Mal St. Clair
Clyde Bruckman
Harold Bledsoe Industrious Detective Barbara Kent Botanist-turned-sleuth thwarts Chinese hoods in San Francisco. Lloyd's first talkie.
2 Feet First November 8, 1930 8130 ft.
90 min.
Clyde Bruckman Harold Horne Ambitious Fumbler Barbara Kent Shoe salesman pretends to be successful businessman. Gags on boat; big-thrill building climb at end. Episodic.
3 Movie Crazy September 23, 1932 8852 ft.
98 min.
Clyde Bruckman Harold Hall Meek Fumbler Constance Cummings Boy tries to make good in Hollywood. Some good gags and action; complex love interest.
4 The Cat's-Paw August 7, 1934 9157 ft.
102 min.
Sam Taylor Ezekiel Cobb Missionary turned Reformer Una Merkel
Grace Bradley
Accidentally elected mayor, naive reformer takes brunt of political machine. Oriental setting, strange political overtones.
5 The Milky Way March 25, 1936 8010 ft.
89 min.
Leo McCarey Burleigh Sullivan Milkman turned Prizefighter Verree Teasdale
Helen Mack
Dorothy Wilson
Quick-paced verbal comedy with top supporting cast. Fixed fights send weakling to championship fight.
6 Professor Beware July 29, 1938 8550 ft.
93 min.
Elliott Nugent Prof. Dean Lambert Fumbling Professor Phyllis Welch Egyptologist searches for missing tablets.
7 The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
(original release title)
April 4, 1947 8010 ft.
89 min.
Preston Sturges Harold Diddlebock Clerk turned Promotor Frances Ramsden Man's first drink changes him into live wire; thrill on high building again. Recut by Howard Hughes.
Mad Wednesday
(re-issue title)
October 28, 1950 6930 ft.
76 min.


No. Title Release date Description
1 Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy 1962 An anthology of comedy sequences, mostly from Safety Last, The Freshman, Hot Water, Why Worry?, Girl Shy, Professor Beware, Movie Crazy, and Feet First.
2 The Funny Side of Life 1963 Another compilation, produced and edited by Lloyd. Not generally distributed in the United States.

As producer only[edit]

Harold Lloyd also produced, but did not star in, two feature films.

No. Title Release date Director(s) Stars
1 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob 1941 Richard Jones Lucille Ball, George Murphy, Edmund O'Brien, and Franklin Pangborn
2 My Favorite Spy 1942 Norman Z. McLeod Kay Kyser, Ellen Drew, Jane Wyman, Robert Armstrong, and William Demerest


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