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Bibliography for Harold Pinter is a list of selected published primary works, productions, secondary sources, and other resources related to English playwright Harold Pinter (1930–2008), the 2005 Nobel Laureate in Literature, who was also a screenwriter, actor, director, poet, author, and political activist. It lists works by and works about him, and it serves as the Bibliography ("Works cited") for the main article on Harold Pinter and for several articles relating to him and his works.

Bibliographical resources

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The Harold Pinter Archive in the British Library

  • British Library (BL). "Harold Pinter Archive: Additional Manuscripts 88880: Full Description". Manuscripts Catalogue. BL, London, 2 February 2009. (See below.)
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  • O'Brien, Kate (BL Cataloguer). "When Do We Get to See the Stuff?!" Harold Pinter Archive Blog: British Library Curators on Cataloguing the Pinter Archive. British Library, 29 September 2008.


Additional essays, letters, and speeches


  • "Death May Be Ageing" (Apr. 2005). Rpt. in Various Voices: Prose, Poetry, Politics 1948–2005 (2005 ed.) 180. Print. Also rpt. in "Poetry by Harold Pinter" in Another America (listed below).
  • "Harold Pinter (b. 1930)". Poetryarchive.org. The Poetry Archive, n.d. [Biography, critical account, and streaming audio of a special recording of Pinter reading four of his poems: "Cancer Cells", "It is Here", "Later", and "Episode"; recorded 16 December 2002, The Audio Workshop, London; prod. Richard Carrington.]
  • "Harold Pinter's Poetry". HaroldPinter.org. Harold Pinter, 2000–[2008]. [Includes "Harold Pinter's Most Recent Poetry" (periodically updated).]
  • "Harold Pinter's War", by M. C. Gardner. Another America. Donald Freed, May 2007. [Includes texts and related review of War.] (See "Poetry by Harold Pinter", in Another America, listed below.)
  • "Laughter." In "Review: Laughter: The Saturday Poem: By Harold Pinter." Guardian 25 November 2006, Guardian Review Pages: 23. Print.
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  • Sections of various printed collections such as Death etc., The Essential Pinter, The Pinter Review, Various Voices, and War. Print.
  • "The Special Relationship" (Aug. 2004). haroldpinter.org. Harold Pinter, 2004. [Featured link accessible from home page.]
  • "The 'special relationship'." Guardian 9 September 2004, G2: 4. Print.
  • "The Watcher." Guardian 9 April 2007: 3. Print.


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